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In today’s environment, warehouses stand to play an increasingly important role in the Logistics industry. A strategically located warehouse is crucial to the survival of a business. This is especially true due to the rising fuel prices.

At spacespecials.com we are committed to providing warehouse owners and warehouse seekers a viable platform where they can exchange their requirements and also learn how to market their business using the power of search engine optimization.

We recognize the fact that businesses seeking warehouse space come in all sizes. We also recognize the fact that warehouses offering services, offer many non standard services. Some of these services may be seasonal.

Using our platform, warehouse owners get a freeform to advertise their services to the clients as and when they please through SEO.

We show the warehouse owner how to specify “specials” available from time to time. These specials may be additional space available during peek season or special price available on cross docking facilities due to the availability of the in-house labor during a slow month.

We have empowered the space seeker through novel ways such as providing a blog style tool where they can advertise their warehouse requirements and hope to consolidate them with other seekers with similar needs; resulting in better price for the seeker and more business for the provider, all through Internet marketing.

Please enjoy the experience we’ve created through SEO teaching and training and send us your feedback and opinion, so that we continue to evolve our SEO services, as would be useful to both the warehouse owners and warehouse seekers.

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We at spacespecials.com look forward to serving the 3PL warehousing community with our continued support in providing a viable platform for open communication between the service provider and the service seeker.

Fresh SEO ideas for the new generation in warehousing.