National SEO Marketing Strategies For San Diego Warehouse Business Owners

Why You Should You Be Using An SEO Agency To Boost Sales

SEO is a form of online marketing that basically makes your website get found in the SERPs by your potential clients that already want what you offer. Many search engines follow certain guidelines that should be followed so that you are favored to reach a higher spot so your prospective clients can find you. You really should be using an experienced firm that has a track record. We’ve great things about – Search Engine Optimization. We really liked their explainer video:

You can also just search for the service in Google, Yahoo!, or Bing to find a good one!

Start Using SEO To Grow Your Warehouse Company

learn seo san diego strategies for warehouse owners
Learn SEO to improve warehouse contracts

It’s unfortunate that most business owners in the warehouse industry, do not know the first thing about how to properly “search engine optimize” their website. Many business owners are just trying to figure out how to get a website, let alone learning how to properly implement an SEO or Internet marketing strategy to gain more exposure online.

This site,, was created to be a resource to help new and old warehouse companies finally increase their business through a plethora of different digital and online marketing strategies that you can learn and implement immediately.

Search Engine Optimization Is Not As Difficult As You May Think

At first it can seem daunting, and almost magical; the thought of trying to get your warehouse business website at the top of the search engine results of Google. It can be beneficial to you if we first understand a little bit of what Google is looking for. Below are some steps to a Google-friendly site:

1. Make sure visitors can easily navigate throughout your site

It’s hard enough sometimes to know what a company does just by looking at their site. Many times a website will be so horribly designed, that you can’t find the “Contact Us” page to call the warehouse company! Don’t let this be you. Make sure visitors can easily find important pages in your site such as the “Contact” page or your services, pricing, and “About Us” pages. Google wants to see that visitors are staying on your site and engaging with your well-written content.

2. Make the content of your site so good that visitors HAVE to read multiple web pages

One of Google’s main goals is to ensure that the top 10 “organic” listings (this is the #1-10 spots on the 1st page of Google) are sites that visitors love. One of the ways Google can tell if people love your warehouse site is if your visitors click around to multiple pages before leaving your site. Another positive ranking factor is the length of time a visitor spends on your site. Generally, if somebody leaves your site right away, it’s a pretty good indication that your website may need work. It could also mean that your site isn’t relevant to what the person searched for in Google, which is also not good.

Either write great and engaging content for your site yourself, or you can hire content writers from just about anywhere on the web. Try a test article with about 5 candidates and then use the writer for multiple projects in the future.

3. Make sure Google and the human visitor know what your web page is about right away

There’s a specific HTML code on your site called the “Meta Title” and it’s the bold, blue text that shows up in the Google results and when somebody searches for a specific keyword or service that you offer. Whatever it is that you want to show up in Google for, whether it’s “San Diego warehouse company” or “warehouse storage deals in San Diego, California”, you need to make sure you put that search term or service “keyword” in the meta title of your site. This tells Google right away a brief description of what your site is about, and also it’s the way that somebody who searches those terms in Google can see right away what it is you offer. You can learn more about Meta Title and how to set them up here:

Learning SEO doesn’t have to be hard. With practice and some trial and error, we know you will be able to take your warehouse business to the next level through increased exposure in the search engines.